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Baby Smoothies Baby snacks

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Baby Food Brand 'BABY SOGON SOGON'  Line up
Sogon Sogon : Brand for Bokumjari’s Baby Food
19 Sort Line up

Rice ball - 3 Sort
Organic rice chip - 4 Sort
Dried fruit - 4 Sort
Rice snack (Fun puff) - 3 Sort
Baby smoothie - 5 Sort
Bokumjari’s Baby Smoothies  / 5 items

Brown rice + Sweek pumpkin
Brown rice + Pear
Brown rice + Mango
Brown rice + Apple & Carrot
Brown rice + Strawberry & Berry

Manufactured from natural & Organic products source..
Embryo has GABA amino acid.
This GABA is really good
for Baby’s brain. 
Our Rice+Fruit Smoothie has a lot of GABA amino acid cause we contained 4.3times bigger
embryoed Brown Rice than
normal rice. 


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Baby Smoothies _ Baby snacks

Baby Smoothies _ Baby snacks